Smoking Cessation, hypnotherapy, healthy living, release from addiction of tobacco

Clean Break Smoking Cessation

This 5 (five) week/session program utilizes  the modality of Heart-Centered HypnotherapyTM and will bring new tools, resources and support for each participant to learn how to stop their unwanted smoking habit.

Each of us, through heart-centered spiritual energies, has the ability to access internal resources of strength, wisdom and healing. Within these five sessions, we will begin together to create internal resources and external supports to explore, identify, and eliminate emotional barriers that have previously blocked you from accessing the powerful resources within yourself to overcome smoking.

Together we will explore the internal resources of self-compassion and self-acceptance of the heart, as well as the untapped powers of the unconscious mind towards growth and strength to find the abilities of being free of the unwanted habit of smoking.

A individual program will be an individualized process.

The group program gives you the support of others within & outside the group using a process of of discussion, education and experiential tool of Hypnotherapy.

Contact Ivan to set up an Individual program tailored just for you!

Smoking Cessation Groups - coming in 2020

 Dates for 2020 to be announced soon 


Individualized program: $400.00 - materials included

Group  Program: $300.00 - materials included