sharing how hearts have been changed, growth has happened, freedom from fears, new paths found

From the hearts of PTI Participants:

 “I really had it in my heart that I wanted to change. I as overweight, depressed, tired of being tired all the time, and had no motivation, other than my daughter, to get out of bed in the morning. I hated my workplace and was detached from most of my coworkers and knew that between now and dead, I wanted to live differently. Up until now, nothing else had really stuck. I hated the thought of being vulnerable in front of other people. Knowing I was going to be invited to go through a very personal process in an open way made me feel anxious and afraid!!! Enter our PTI guides… calm, unwavering, strong, and so full of compassion. They offered unconditional acceptance, powerful support and enthusiastic encouragement.   

As the weekends passed, the bonds of our group grew stronger. In a group, where everyone is engaging in the process of healing, we all come to learn that there are others who feel the same way – maybe for different reasons, but the underlying feelings are essentially the same. Week my week we’d face our fears. Little by little we learned to feel the underlying feelings and let them come “up and out.”  We learned together that there are other people who will do whatever it takes to heal. And when we heal ourselves, we’re healing the group, too.    

The PTI brochure promises a life changing experience. Well, the weekends do more than that. Looking back, when I came to this process I wasn’t just broken, I was shattered. Piece by piece I’ve learned to put my Soul back together. The impact has been profound – not just on my life but on everyone with whom I come in contact. There aren’t enough words to express the profound gratitude I have in my heart.”   

sharing how hearts have been changed, growth has happened, freaedom from fears


“My heart, my relationships, my soul, have all grown so much more than I ever thought possible…because of the investment I chose to make in committing to this process. Trust me when I say, the investment is so worth it!

So, if the Timing is Right for you – I encourage you to go for it. You will definitely see amazing Returns”.

sharing how hearts have been changed, growth has happened, freaedom from fears


“Attending the five weekends of Personal Transformation Intensive has profoundly affected my life in that it has enlightened me into seeing myself remarkable differently than I have before. I am now more deeply understanding of the source of my hindrances that had caused me to feel that I did not have what it takes to measure up to existing as a worthy person. 

Through our relaxing meditations, group exercises and support, and loving guidance from the therapists, I have experienced divine clarity concerning the contrast between my doubting self and my thinking, divine self “called into existence by God”.  I have come to comprehend that I actually do have the ability to choose to live my life through my Higher-Self rather than through the negative feelings I carried from my earliest childhood years. 

This has brought an expanding freedom, a quiet joy, and a longed-for peace to my life. This decision to invest in myself, to commit to PTI, is probably the best choice I have made in the past thirty years.”  

sharing how hearts have been changed, growth has happened


sharing how hearts have been changed, growth has happened